A growing number of people know that colors, flavors, and fragrances are often produced using petroleum-based derivatives.

Fewer people realize that natural replacements can also be very harmful to the environment, with extremely high water consumption, land use, and pesticides and herbicides being the norm.

Michroma is on a mission to meet demand for truly sustainable alternatives.
Upcycling & waste management

We use clean agro-industrial waste as feedstock in our fermentation process, solving a problem for other industries while reducing production costs.

Responsible sourcing

Our supply chain does not harm the earth or its inhabitants and is free of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

Reduced water consumption

Using a small fraction of water compared to other natural colorants, we minimize the effects of drought and water shortages.

Efficient land use

Precision fermentation requires minimal space in contrast to the necessary arable land employed in alternative natural colorants.

Smaller carbon footprint

A shorter supply chain means fewer transportation costs and a reduction in carbon emissions.